What are lab averages?

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What are lab averages?

What are lab averages?


Many patients experience low thyroid symptoms long before they are diagnosed with thyroid disease.


This is because the medical field uses lab averages as the standard for what’s considered “normal” bloodwork.


Lab averages are based on the average ranges of people who get their blood work done.


The problem with using lab averages is that it’s typically people who are sick that are getting their blood work done...


so if you are in the “normal range,” it just means that you are in the same range as other people who are sick.


At Premier Health Care, we use functional lab ranges, which are based on healthy people - which is why our patients finally start to feel better once they start our treatment plan.


To learn more about our approach, click here to download my free Natural Approach Series, in which I explain the causes and treatment of thyroid conditions.


To see if you qualify for a free consultation, call 314-647-1384.

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